Technimatic – Desire Paths [Shogun Audio]

22 07 2014

As we approach the July 27th release date gradually the good folk at Shogun Audio are revealing more and more of the new Technimatic album, and it’s shaping up to be well worth a look for fans of the melodic end of the genre. From the super mellow Music is Music and the interesting rhythms of Perseverance to the more dancefloor friendly stylings of Beneath The Skies and Tectonic, it’s difficult to argue with the quality of the tracks on show so far.

My pick of the bunch has to be the insistent yet understated piano and crisp breaks of Looking For Diversion, featuring the delicate vocal talents of Lucy Kitchen, but there are plenty of other highlights too including the drumfunk workout of Lost Times and the downtempo funk of Mucky Jeff. Check out the clips below and watch out for the album dropping very soon on vinyl and digital.

Whatson – Out In The Dark / Live Today [Default Recordings]

21 07 2014

Whatson returns to Default Recordings with a pair of deeper rollers for those who like their D&B a little on the unusual side. Out In The Dark plays about with detuned synths on the intro, ignoring the usual rules about what might be considered “in tune” to interesting effect. Once the main verse hits though it’s down to business, with warm bass and rolling breaks keeping the track moving nicely.

Live Today keeps the vibe rolling but notches back the energy slightly for a slightly deeper vibe, bringing bleepy melodies and soft, organ-like synths to bear nicely. There are some great little sonic touches in the mix which bring the tune to live; as ever it’s all in the detail. Check out the beats below and grab this from your favourite digital store now.

DnB Dojo Mix Series 10: Bone

20 07 2014


The tenth installment in our exclusive mix series comes from Estonian producer Bone. Fresh from his new release for Authentic music, Bone delivers a diverse selection of D&B starting with deep liquid and building up to a clattering neurofunk finish; the likes of Calibre, Dub Phizix, Aeph and Noisia all make appearances alongside Bone’s own productions including some as yet unreleased dubs. Check it out via Mixcloud below or head to for streaming and Dropbox for a download.


Calibre – Sick Of It All [SIGNATURE]
inZtance – Fools Gold (feat. Laura James) [N/A]
Dub Phizix – The Clock Ticks [CRITICAL MUSIC]
Bone – Wonder  [N/A]
Cruel Culture & Keosz – Thought [PROTECT AUDIO]
Bone – All I Have  [N/A]
Memro – Spyglass [PROXIMITY]
Bone – Unspeakable [AUTHENTIC MUSIC]
Nickbee & Freakbreak – Broken (feat. Mix’ usha) [BAD TASTE REC]
BassBrothers – Bolivian Yeyo [PLAYAZ]
Hyroglifics – Bun Dem [N/A]
Bone – The Block [AUTHENTIC MUSIC]
Conduct – Warning [BROKEN AUDIO REC]
Limtek – Skynet [TAMFREE]
Aeph – Scumbag (Teddy Killerz Remix) [BAD TASTE REC]
Soul Intent – Raggamuffin [LOSSLESS MUSIC]
Bone & Moral Fibre – Crossbite [AUTHENTIC MUSIC]
Noisia – Stamp Out [VISION]
Agressor Bunx – Time (Krot Remix) [TAMFREE]
D_iolax – Soulbreaker [TAMFREE]
Noisia – Running Blind [VISION]

L 33 – Melt / Let Loose [Addictive Behaviour]

19 07 2014

L 33 is back with another pair of dirty dancefloor belters, this time for Addictive Behaviour records. Melt gets the party started with a fuzzy bassline, tight drums and an infectious high-pitched synth hook. Let Loose provides a similarly infectious bass and beats groove, with extra energy from the high hats and plenty of bass modulations to keep things interesting.

Check out the beats below and watch out for the single dropping from July 21st at Beatport, with vinyl and worldwide digital release to follow on August 4th.

Teddy Killerz – Demolisher [Subtitles Music]

18 07 2014

Fresh from the success of their recent remix for I Am Legion, Teddy Killerz return with an absolutely disgusting new cut for Teebee’s Subtitles imprint. The appropriately titled Demolisher is unrelenting neurofunk business at it’s finest, with an onslaught of twisted bass and heavy beats knocking down the door from start to finish.

The flip sees US stalwart Gridlok drafted in for remix duties and as we’ve come to expect he flips the tune on it’s head to great effect, keeping the infectious hooks of the original but swapping the angular beats for something with a bit more roll and twisting the basslines to match the new pace. For dancefloor friendliness this probably edges out the original, but they’re both great tunes – pick your favourite below and grab this from your favourite digital outlet now.

Bone – Unspeakable EP [Authentic Music]

17 07 2014

Estonian producer Bone returns to Authentic Music with a second EP following up last year’s Structure EP. The titular Unspeakable shows Bone’s varied sensibilities, with lush atmospherics overlaying darker bass tones and solid beats. Moral fibre collab Crossbite heads for darker territory, with ominous pads characterising the intro before a drop into moving basslines and intricate rolling drums.

The Block makes great use of some unusual percussion to create a really angular, robotic groove, keeping the atmosphere and the growling bass nicely balanced in the process. Last up comes Raspy, a skittering hi-hat fuelled head-knodder with a hint of trap and an infectious vibe. Check out the clips below and head to Beatport to grab a copy of the EP, out now!

Cooh, WPL & Corrupted Minds – Orcrux / Brutal Truth [Big Riddim]

16 07 2014

Big Riddim keep things hard and nasty on their latest release featuring two slammers from Therapy Sessions alumni Cooh, WPL and Corrupted Minds. Orcrux opens the salvo with a relentless technoid rhythm, the onslaught of kicks and bass punctuated with infectious, a hypnotic synth lead and judicious use of amen breaks.

Over on the flip Brutal Truth gets a bit smashier, with an appropriately brutal kick snare drum line repeatedly punching for the gut against a landscape of distortion and general carnage. Check out the clips below and grab this one on vinyl or digital now.


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