Vromm – Prototype EP [31 Recordings]

15 09 2014

After a period of quiet for some three years Doc Scott’s 31 Recordings is back in full swing, and since last year the label has released a solid stream of great new music. The latest EP release comes from Vromm, the new solo project from one member of eclectic electronic collective Various Production.

The beats on show here carry a deep, dark, tribal quality; while they were clearly designed with big soundsystems in mind, there’s a definite “Room 2″ vibe to the tracks. Intricate percussion, deftly crafted atmosphere and weighty groove define the EP through and through, and fans of the output on labels like Samurai Music and Nurtured Beatz are sure to lap this one up too. The EP is out now; check out the clips below and grab a copy from your favourite outlet.

You can also check out a guest mix from Vromm for KMag below, featuring tracks from the EP alongside beats from the likes of Dub Phizix, Gremlinz and Ink. Deeper beats!

Famous Lost Words Remixes: Part 2 [Blu Mar Ten Music]

15 09 2014

Blu Mar Ten unveil the second set of remixes from last year’s Famous Lost Words LP with reworks from Kid Drama, Anile and the winner of the remix competition, Conduct. Kid Drama brings his autonomic-esque stylings to Thin Air, retaining the lush melodies of the original but switching up the drums from their previous liquid roll and rearranging the parts to make the song his own.

Anile meanwhile performs the reverse switch, replacing the unusual rhythms of Remembered Her Wrong with a rolling liquid break, but retaining the melancholy vibe and atmosphere of the original nicely. Last but not least, Conduct turns in an absolutely serene mix of Hunter, stripping back most of the elements to leave a lean combination of piano, drums and weighty sub bass. Check out the clips below and grab this one on vinyl or digital from the Blu Mar Ten store now!

State Of Mind vs. Soligen & Type-2 – Biology EP [Citrus Recordings]

5 09 2014

Citrus return with their first release in 6 months; an unusual lull for the generally busy Dutch label. Kiwi neuro duo State Of Mind kick off the 12″ with another slice of their signature rolling dancefloor business; big atmospheric pads and what sounds like glockenspiel on the intro give way to a typically savage bassline and a big fat kick snare rhythm. Dancefloor heft in spades; no surprises there given the SOM back catalogue.

On the flip Lincoln-based rising stars Soligen & Type-2 present Biology. Showing off their sound design chops on the intro with some weird and wonderful noises, we’re treated to a smooth flow from an unknown voice (possible one of the duo themselves) before the tune drops into a sub heavy bas and breaks workout. Check out the clips below and watch out for this on vinyl and digital from September 15th (pre-orders available now at Triple Vision).

Prolix – Transcendent EP [Trendkill Records]

5 09 2014

Fans of Prolix will know what to expect from his latest output – the Transcendent EP sees him teaming up with some of the biggest names in the neurofunk scene for an all out assault on your senses, and the results are pure dancefloor destruction. Highlights include the supreme midrange aggression of the titular Transcendent (with Neosignal’s Misanthrop), the hard snares and off kilter riddims of Vital Condition (with MC Coppa on vocals) and the big gnarly stomper that is Next Level (featuring Offkey alumni Meth).

Check out the clips below and grab this one from Beatport now.

Wreckless – As The Cold Hits [AutomAte]

5 09 2014

AutomAte return once again with more beats from reliable London beatsmith Wreckless. As The Cold Hits gets the juices flowing with a detailed, rolling drum groove and ices the cake with a big scuzzy bassline and creepy atmospheric pad work; ice cold indeed.

Inhale doesn’t pull any punches either, with an ambient intro giving way abruptly to huge, crunchy bass hits and hard, metallic snares; more of a head-banger than a dancing tune, and fearsome in its intent. Check out the clips below and watch out for this one dropping at all good digital outlets from September 15th.

Break – Coming 4 U [Warm Communications]

4 09 2014

Warm Communications return for their 30th release with a top notch double A side from the legendary Break. Coming 4 U brings together beautiful melodies on the intro, that signature Break rolling drum work we all love so much and a warm, sizzling bassline; equal parts dancefloor heft and summery musical shine.

The flip sees Break giving the remix treatment to Mako’s What A Little Moonlight Can Do. Iconic samples from the original are retained but the new remix lends the song a techier edge than the original’s floatier, more atmospheric vibe. Once again the drums here are just pristine! Check out the clips below and grab this on vinyl and digital from September 8th.

Q&A – BRKCHK [fld.Study]

3 09 2014

BRKCHK’s latest work for Free Love Digi’s fld.Study sister-label rather piqued our interest here at the Dojo, exploring as it does the mellower end of D&B without falling into obvious liquid tropes. With that in mind, it seemed only right to pick the man’s brains for some insight into his take on the 170BPM sound.

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