Mindscape’s Favourite Remixes

22 11 2014

Commercial Suicide have brought together the great and the good of the neurofunk scene to remix tracks from Mindscape’s Martin Chronicles LP. To celebrate the release of part 1 (and the impending release of part 2), we asked Mindscape to pick out his 5 favourite D&B remixes. Read on for his choices!

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Classic Track: BCee – Captured In Time

20 11 2014

A track that stands out as one of my favourite liquid tunes of all time, BCee’s Captured In Time is just an effortless listen. Soulful vocals, warm bass, rolling breaks and stunningly beautiful melodies combine to create a classic liquid roller that never fails to move a dancefloor. Blissful stuff.

Hydro & War – Censorship [Blendits]

19 11 2014

Blendits return with their biggest release yet, snagging a pair of techy rollers for the label’s increasingly impressive discography. Hydro & War provide the A side, combining crisp beats and techy bass with a layer of spooky melodies and atmospherics, apparently passing some comment on the production of pop music in the process.

Eastcolors comes in for remix duties on the flip, bringing a new slant to Mindmapper & Silvahfonk’s Polygraph. The soft pads and chords of the original are embelished, richer and fuller, and the previously steady mix is swapped out for a frenetic array of chopped breaks. The mixture of musically beautiful elements and rough and tough drumfunk beats is a potent combo! Check out the clips below and look for this one on vinyl and digital from November 24th.

Autorun, Iaco, Rune & Kaiza – Icarus / Experiment [Transmission Audio]

18 11 2014

Transmission keep the releases coming thick and fast with a fresh new single from quadruple collab team Autorun, Iaco, Rune & Kaiza. Icarus builds the tension with a big floaty intro before dropping into hard snares and a big warping bassline. Over on the flip Experiment keeps the bass fierce but switches the beats up, opting for an off-kilter percussive assault that refuses to roll to a predictable pattern.

Check out the clips below and head to Digital Tunes to pre-order the release now!

Marginal – Every 1 Needs a 0 EP [Translation Recordings]

17 11 2014

It’s always a good day when a new release from Translation hits the Dojo inbox! The label has carved a great reputation for forward thinking electronica crossing over from conventional D&B into other tempos, genres and styles, and their latest release from Marginal is no different in terms of either variation or quality.

Plastic World opens the EP with a slouching, downtempo fusion of hip-hop, reggae, synthy ambience and contemporary bass music, with the result sounding shimmering and lightly toasted. No sooner than the last chord echoes out over the speakers that the mood switches, retaining the futuristic synth vibes but bending them to a more intricate composition on Datasaur; this one doesn’t float so much as being driven along by crunchy bassline goodness.

The titular Every 1 Needs a 0 ups the ante, bringing rapid syncopations and the influence of trap and footwork to the table. Percussive details form the backbone of the track, with spacey FX echoes and big warm, dubby bass filling out the vibe to occupy a massive sonic space. Last but by no means least, the creepily titled Anesthesia Is Useless comes the closest to “traditional” D&B in outlook, pressing forward with tight, insistent beats and heavy sub rumblings alongside wild synth stabs and robotic warblings. Futuristic business!

Check out the clips below and head over to the Translation Bandcamp now to pick this up right now – full digital release to come November 24th.

Q&A – Altered Perception [Alchemic Breaks]

16 11 2014

Alchemic Breaks are busy gearing up for their first release later this month, so we thought it was high time to find out more about the operation from bossman Altered Perception. Read on for the low-down on the new imprint, his thoughts on the deeper side of D&B and how he came to be at the helm of no less than four labels!

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Gerwin & LaMeduza – Life Cycle [Dust Audio]

15 11 2014

Dust Audio present their fifth release with three great new tracks from some of the best producers in the scene. Gerwin teams up with vocalist LaMeduza for a soft liquid stepper tinged with grimey bass in the inimitable liquid-tech hybrid style that I always enjoyed from the French producer. Next up rising star Trilo delivers a typically militant slice of rolling tech D&B, with crisp breaks and dark, dirty bass the order of the day.

Last but not least, the mighty Break steps up to remix Gerwin’s A-side, upping the energy on the beats and lending the tune a more dancefloor-friendly vibe while retaining the soul of the original. Check out the clips below and watch out for the release dropping on vinyl and digital December 15th!


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