Dub Berzerka – Call Girl / Anubis [Such Music]

21 10 2014

LA’s Such Music return with a great new single from Mannheim producer Dub Berzerka. A side Call Girl proves a jazzy, soul-tinged roller with a warm undercurrent of wobbly sub bass and a cheeky guitar hook that should put a smile on everyone’s face…let’s just hope it’s not secretly about Mr Berzerka’s love of prostitutes!

Anubis keeps things crisp and rolling but heads for deeper territory with big, floaty pads and a less summery, more hypnotic vibe; definitely one to lose yourself in on the dancefloor. Check out the clips below and pick this one up from your favourite digital outlet now.

Break, Mako, Fields & Villem – Shadowlines [Utopia Music]

20 10 2014

The Utopia dream-team combine forces once again for a predictable but nonetheless satisfying slice of rolling tech-funk. Fans of the crew’s output will know what to expect – crisp breaks, grimey bass and the kind of production values that 40 odd years combined experience brings to the table!

Over on the flip Mako has signed up something distinctly mellower in tone from rising liquid producers Chromatic, who turn in a blissful slice of melodic D&B which is smooth as silk as it washes over the eardrums. Once again, maybe not the world’s most original stylings but the execution more than makes up for it, and the warmth and groove are up there with the best of the scene. Check out the clips below and look out for this on vinyl (which you can pre-order now at Redeye) and digital from 27th October.

Low Profile – Distance Awareness [Reserve Audio]

19 10 2014

RSRV004LP cover art OK

As regular readers may have noticed we always love getting sent something unexpected, and the Distance Awareness LP provided a pleasant surprise when it fell into our mailbox recently.

Fans of the deeper and more atmospheric end of D&B and it’s crossover with other forms of electronica will definitely enjoy this one, as the Prague based duo take us a journey spanning ten tracks and taking in influence from dub, hip-hop, minimal D&B and beyond. Favourable comparisons with Kryptic Minds’ dubstep outings and the sort of half-time beats coming out of the Samurai Music stable spring to mind, but that’s not to say this is mere copycatting; there’s plenty of originality to be found here.

Ultimately the music is always best left to speak for itself, so check out the tracks below and grab the LP from Bandcamp now!

Audio – Nil By Mouth EP [RAM Records]

18 10 2014

Anyone concerned by Audio’s move from Virus to RAM and the implications for his sound needn’t have worried if this latest EP is anything to go by – his signature high impact sound is in full effect and hasn’t softened at all at his new home on Andy C’s imprint.

All four tracks provide gritty hard-edge D&B in spades, but my favourites come on Break It and Gotham, the former making great use of ever shifting drum samples and some old school reese bass business while the latter brings the more angular, menacing beat patterns that fans of Audio’s older work for Freak Recordings will remember fondly. For the sample spotters amongst you, this isn’t the first time Audio has lifted dialogue from a Batman movie – see his excellent Power of Fear release for Subtitles for another nice bit of cinematic appropriation.

The nil by mouth EP drops on vinyl and digital from all good stores from Sunday 19th October – head to the RAM Store or your favourite outlet and grab it!

Survey – Object Relations EP [Protect Audio]

17 10 2014

Protect Audio return with a top new EP from German production outfit Survey. Fresh from releases on Invisible and Authentic, Survey are slowly carving themselves a rep for crisp, techy beats and this latest EP sees their style and talents honed once again.

Collapse kicks things off with a smooth slice of rolling techstep which brings to mind early Ulterior Motive productions for Subtitles Music. Jumpat gets in on the action for 9814, which keeps the grimey bass texture but switches the drum rhythms up in favour of weird, tribal syncopations aimed more at your head than your dancing shoes.

The tone and detail continue through Fragment and Inhale, both harnessing a darkness and industrial quality which may well be inspired by the atmosphere of Survey’s current home, Berlin. Check out the clips below and watch out for this dropping on CD and digital from October 20th.

Dread – Geometry of Sound EP [Critical Bass]

17 10 2014

It’s always nice to get something a little different in the Dojo inbox so Dread’s new EP for Critical Bass made a welcome change from the more traditional D&B releases we’re often sent. Geometry of Sound presents four tracks of hard, nasty crossbreed with all the edge and fury you’d expect from the style. If you like your D&B with a touch of the gabba to it then check out the clips below and look out for the EP dropping from October 19th at all good digital stores.

Classic Track: Noisia – Vanishing Point

16 10 2014


Wind back to 2004 and Noisia are far from the titans of the electronic scene they’ve become over the past decade; at this point they’re beginning to enjoy their first successes, turning heads in the scene with 12″s for Nerve, Subtitles and Citrus. Vanishing Point saw them building on their success with a release for Mayhem’s influential (though now sadly defunct) Shadow Law imprint.

The tune is a masterclass of relatively restrained but still dancefloor worthy tech – heavy breaks, tasty atmospherics and weighty sub bass all coming together to produce a recognisable roller. The drum roll and bass hits before the main drop followed by the infectious synth stabs always make me smile, and the little details in the progression of the tune make all the difference. Snap it up if you see a copy on vinyl!


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