Bensley – Fandango [RAM Records]

19 02 2015

RAM’s latest signing Bensley makes his debut on the label with a warm, melodic instrumental with soft yet soaring leads and a nice chunky bassline. The track should prove a useful DJ tool for those who like to genre-hop, dropping tempo from D&B in the first half to a garage-y shuffle in the bridge, before returning to that familiar 170BPM. Check out the track below and hit Beatport to grab it now!


Culture Shock – Raindrops / Troglodyte VIP [RAM Records]

17 12 2014

Culture Shock returns to RAM Records with a pair of dancefloor rollers to close out the year. A side Raindrops provides a solid if not wildly interesting slice of melodic D&B (albeit one which has already caused a certain amount of controversy for aleged riff stealing) but the real star of the show is the VIP of Troglodyte. The original was one of the biggest tunes of 2012 with it’s instantly memorable bassline and infectious melodic hooks, and the VIP gives it an appropriately light touch, retaining the vibe of the original but twisting it just enough to keep it interesting.

Check out the clips below and head to Beatport to grab the single now, or the RAM store to pre-order a vinyl copy.


RAM Annual 2015 [RAM Records]

7 12 2014

RAM close out the year with their usual compilation of the biggest releases from this year’s catalogue, plus a few exclusives. The release features a solid selection of dancefloor D&B from RAM and sister label ProgRAM including tracks from Audio, Sub Focus, Teddy Killerz and many more, and as a pleasant bonus there’s a chunky new tune from Gerra & Stone and the VIP of Mind Vortex’s massive dancefloor roller Hotbox. Check that out below, head to Soundcloud for clips of the full selection and pick this one up from your favourite outlet now!


Chroma – 201 Dub / Sovereign [ProgRAM]

29 10 2014

The latest single from ProgRAM sees production trio Chroma on fine form with two crisp new rollers. 201 Dub harnesses the spirit of Jamaican dub culture for a deep, subby roller imbued with warmth, weight and an impressive clarity on the breaks.

Sovereign changes things up, heading for brighter and more liquidy territory. This one’s got some really impressive break-chopping; time and effort have clearly been spent on getting the drums just right, and it shines through. Slightly mellower business than the previous Chroma releases but no less enjoyable – check out the clips below and grab this one exclusively at Beatport now – full release following in a couple of weeks.

Audio – Nil By Mouth EP [RAM Records]

18 10 2014

Anyone concerned by Audio’s move from Virus to RAM and the implications for his sound needn’t have worried if this latest EP is anything to go by – his signature high impact sound is in full effect and hasn’t softened at all at his new home on Andy C’s imprint.

All four tracks provide gritty hard-edge D&B in spades, but my favourites come on Break It and Gotham, the former making great use of ever shifting drum samples and some old school reese bass business while the latter brings the more angular, menacing beat patterns that fans of Audio’s older work for Freak Recordings will remember fondly. For the sample spotters amongst you, this isn’t the first time Audio has lifted dialogue from a Batman movie – see his excellent Power of Fear release for Subtitles for another nice bit of cinematic appropriation.

The nil by mouth EP drops on vinyl and digital from all good stores from Sunday 19th October – head to the RAM Store or your favourite outlet and grab it!

Stealth & Stylus – Homage (Back To You) [ProgRAM]

5 08 2014

Stealth’s latest single for RAM sister-label ProgRAM comes hot and heavy! Stylus collab Homage (Back To You) combines hefty bass and rolling breaks with an infectious vocal sample that the attentive among you may well recognise from old Evol Intent favourite The Ladies.

Over on the flip Smash It amps things up even further with an absolute savage selection of bass groans set to a stomping kick/snare riddim. Subtlety is not on offer here, but if you want a big bad belter then look no further! Check out the clips below and grab this on vinyl and digital from your favourite outlet.

Delta Heavy – Apollo EP [Ram Records]

3 04 2014

Ram Records have long been the kings of the polished, big room D&B sound where the bight of tech and neuro cross over with the energy of jump up and the sheen of liquid to create a sound that’s difficult to argue with in many ways. Their latest EP from Delta Heavy sits very much in that vein and while it may not be the cleverest selection to see the light of day in recent years it certainly makes up for it with sheer production quality and dancefloor vibes.

Apollo gets things off to a flying start with huge a huge bassline, rolling beats and melodic swells all coming together for a full spectrum workout. The World Is Yours drops things down for a more rhythmic workout with a little more euphoria on the breakdowns and less teeth on the bass. Last but not least Badboy Style combines an old skool reese bass line with some distinctly trap infused beats and a hint of old skool rave for a tune that’s sure to polarise opinion; this one’s a bit marmite folks.

Check out the clips below and grab this on vinyl or digital from your favourite store now. Watch out for Delta Heavy on the road over the next couple of months too – they’re playing a string of dates in Australia, Europe and the USA between now and the end of June.