Silent Witness – The Arc Light EP [Dispatch]

31 01 2014

Silent Witness returns to Dispatch Recordings for a solo EP packed full of rolling techie goodness. The titular Arc Light kicks things off with a big bad bassline and a precise break withsome lovely hi-hat work.

Lost keeps the energy flowing with a rapidly moving bassline that has a hypnotic, faintly technoid quality to it. Out into the digital exclusives, FMB strips things right back, letting sci-fi samples breath in between the sparse beats and bass swells. Last but not least Aura lulls us into a false sense of security with a beautiful guitar led intro before the bass and beats smack down for another lesson in who to write rollers.

Pre-order your copy from the Dispatch Surus store and watch out for the release from Feb 3rd.


Quentin Hiatus – Zanj Rebellion [Translation Recordings]

30 01 2014

Translation Recordings continue their excellent run of forward thinking releases with an EP from Quentin Hiatus. Zanj Rebellion combines shimmering pad ambience, warm low end and heavily syncopated, off-kilter rhythms to create a sound that feels like the spirit of drumfunk channelled via recent footwork influenced production.

Over on the flip Solidify continues the trend for heavily syncopated rhythms but with more of an industrial vibe, and hints of dub and techno sitting prominently in a mix that features some excellent stereo separation.

As if that wasn’t enough there’s also a free track available for download in the form of Summer in Winter, featuring more in the way of rich synths and weird rhythms, this time overlaid with some Burial style vocal echoes. Check out the tracks below and grab the release from the Translation Bandcamp.

Nickbee – Terra Formation [Vandal Records]

29 01 2014

Man of the moment Nickbee continues his excellent run of releases with a pair of atmospheric techsteppers for Vandal Records. Terra Formation blends Nickbee’s ear for beats and bass with eery atmospherics and a memorable yet understated lead hook.

Night Stalker lets a scuzzy reese bass take center stage over metallic snares laid down in a helter skelter beat patter, with a hypnotic synth lead coming in as the beats break down into an obviously techno influenced pattern before breaking down into nothing for the bridge.

Watch out for the release at all good digital outlets, out now!

Classic Track: Bad Company – The Nine

28 01 2014

It’s been a while since our last Classic Track retrospective, so we figured what better reason than the re-release of possibly the most iconic track from the 90s Techstep era? Bad Taste Recordings have gone back to the original DAT tapes for a brand new digital remaster of Bad Company’s legendary tech roller The Nine, preserving the flavour of the original but adding a wee bit of extra crispness to the sound. Check it out below and head to the Bad Taste store to pick it up on vinyl or digital now!

DnB Dojo Mix Series 05: DJ Vapour

27 01 2014


For the latest in the Dojo Mix Series we’re proud to present an exclusive mix from DJ Vapour! A veteran of the scene and head honcho at 36 Hertz, Vapour knows his way around the 1s and 2s to say the least. His mix for the Dojo keeps things rolling and full of dancefloor flavour – packed with Dubs and a few cheeky classics to boot. You can stream via Mixcloud below or grab yourself a download from MediaFire.

Hazard – 0121 [Playaz]
SR & Digbee – Nightmare [36 Hertz Dub]
NC-17 & Nusense – Inferno [36 Hertz Dub]
Jonny L – The Bells [Pirahna]
DJ Vapour – Anti Gravity [Dub]
Delphi Productions – Proteus [36 Hertz Dub]
Optiv & CZA – Ziplock [C4C Dub]
Jaybee – Dirt Magirt [Mac II Dub]
Scott & Keith – Get Busy Crew (Madcap remix) [Stepback Sessions Dub]
Seba & Krazy – Imperial Movement [Metalheadz]
Takiego Chlopaka – Mikromusic (Social Security Remix) [Dub]
Total Science – Shelter [Dub]
Marcus Intalex – Temperance [Soul:R]
SR & Digbee – Nostromo [36 Hertz Dub]
Rewind – I Got A Feeling [Frequency]
NC-17 – The War Master [Dub]
Roni Size & Die – The Calling (Goldie Remix) [V Records]

Ed:it – Sound Killer / I Would [SGN:Ltd]

26 01 2014

Ed:it ups the ante for SGN:Ltd with the monstrous Sound Killer. Dubby chords and a ragga vocal sample provide the icing on a warped, twisted cake of heavy kicks, reverb drenched snares and monstrous bass.

Over on the flip I Would shows the deeper side of Ed:it’s production, with a nice vocal cut up layered over a meaty package of bass and beats. This one doesn’t pull any punches either! Check out the A side below and watch out for the release dropping Feb 16th on vinyl and digital.

Seba – Mesmerism EP [Secret Operations]

25 01 2014

Seba follows up on last year’s Identity LP with a varied new EP for his Secret Operations imprint. Mesmerism gets the EP off to a fine start with a skanking half-step beat and lilting, spacey leads over dubbed out low end. Next up Physickl shifts the tone with rich synths and playful acid sounds building up to an insistent stepping beat layered over an irresistibly stark hook.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Seba release without at least one trademark deep liquid tune, and Life Is delivers that sound we’ve come to know and love – understated melodies and warm, deep sub bass. This one isn’t quite up there with Under The Sun’s masterclass in liquid euphoria but it’s still a worthy addition to Seba’s impressive back catalogue. Finally Science Fiction heads for darker territory with detailed, angular percussion on a tune that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Fracture set.

Once again Seba and Secret Operations proves to be a force to be reckoned with. Check out the teaser below and look out for the release dropping very soon.