Low Profile – Distance Awareness [Reserve Audio]

19 10 2014

RSRV004LP cover art OK

As regular readers may have noticed we always love getting sent something unexpected, and the Distance Awareness LP provided a pleasant surprise when it fell into our mailbox recently.

Fans of the deeper and more atmospheric end of D&B and it’s crossover with other forms of electronica will definitely enjoy this one, as the Prague based duo take us a journey spanning ten tracks and taking in influence from dub, hip-hop, minimal D&B and beyond. Favourable comparisons with Kryptic Minds’ dubstep outings and the sort of half-time beats coming out of the Samurai Music stable spring to mind, but that’s not to say this is mere copycatting; there’s plenty of originality to be found here.

Ultimately the music is always best left to speak for itself, so check out the tracks below and grab the LP from Bandcamp now!



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