Classic Track: Digital – Deadline

7 08 2014

Whether you knew it or not, if you’ve been to more than a handful of D&B raves over the years you will have heard Deadline or one of it’s many remixes. Digital’s legendary tune from 2000 on Doc Scott’s 31 Records imprint has one of the most memorable hooks from the past 20 years of D&B, and still regularly graces sets to this day, if only as a cheeky tease or fodder for a double drop.

The finely crafted hook aside, the rest of the tune is comparitively unusual for D&B of the time – deep, dubby bass and an unusual bongo-driven shuffle beat in place of the more aggressive bass and breaks common in much of the genre’s output both then and now. It’s ample testament to the vibes of the tune that it can make a place move without needing the usual high energy elements; truly a classic track.




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